Slogging through

Between Daniel learning all kinds of new escaping skills, and Lydia’s sleep going all to hell (AGAIN) I feel exhausted all the time. On top of that, life has been busier than usual, for…weeks. Too long. I need a break and I just don’t know when I can get one. 

The other day I heated leftover spaghetti for Lydia and Daniel to eat for lunch. And then getting it out of the microwave I dropped both plates of it. 

I sighed, and cleaned it up, because there’s no use crying over spilled spaghetti. Or something like that. Then I heated up some more noodles (without sauce because that was all on the floor) and sat the babies down to eat. Daniel took one bite and immediately threw the rest of his plate on the floor. 

That’s basically my life right now. Just go straight from one mess to the next. It’s not my favorite. 

(Maybe instead of NaBloPoMo I should have just titled this month: 30 days of complaining.)

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