Life is…not great. I am not great. Things have been stressful and busy and the news is filled with terrible things. Multiple times a day I think, “This country elected a president who is willing to openly and unapologetically mock my son.” That’s not even close to the worst thing he’s done, but holy HELL that one hits me in the gut every time.

Part of me wants to write about everything I’m thinking, although I’m sure I couldn’t express any of it coherently. The other part of me wants to shut down completely, which tends to be my MO when I’m especially overwhelmed.

And I’m tired. So tired. On top of sick kids who don’t want to sleep I’m having stress dreams every night, so I never feel rested even when I DO get sleep. And then I think about how I am SO FAR from being the most affected by this election and I feel like a big whiny baby. Ugh. UGH.

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