You know how people talk about how their first kid has the great filled out baby book and the second kid’s is only half done and by the third kid nobody even buys a book to fill out? That’s me and this blog. Kalena & Will have like, every day of their first three years documented. And Daniel got about a year and a half. And Lydia got…a birth announcement? Probably some more than that, but not much. SO. Let’s talk about her today, shall we?

Lydia is as sweet as sweet can be. When she feels like it. But she has been exceptionally cute this last few days, because it turns out she LOVES Halloween! (I mean, you walk around getting candy. What’s not to love?) Last year she didn’t trick or treat at all, because it was her bedtime. This year she braved it with Kalena & Will, despite a temperature of 28 degrees and she was a trooper! Wanted to walk, not be carried, carried her own candy bag, and “twick-oh-tweet”ed her way around the neighborhood. She has been happily sharing her candy with Daniel who was asleep while trick-or-treating happened. I dressed her up as Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers, because she basically IS Louise. 

Plus she loves hats and she looks so cute in this one. 

She didn’t participate in pumpkin carving (because I’m not crazy) but she DID enjoy visiting Kalena & Will’s jack-o-lanterns every time we came up the front walk. 

She liked to greet them and tell me “Punkin!” every time too. I guess we’ll keep her around for now. 

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