Starting this year, all 4 kids are in school AT THE SAME TIME! Not all day, and not every day, because Lydia’s preschool is M-Th from 8-11:30. But during that time I get to be HOME. ALONE. It’s a bizarre feeling to be here by myself. Plus I can just…leave the house. No diaper changes or shoe finding or wrestling anyone into a car seat. I won’t lie, it’s pretty awesome. 

I’d like to tell you that I spend that time productively and my house is now spotless and I make Pinterest-worthy meals and my reading goal is met, but not so much. I do read more! And clean more! I don’t think I cook more, but I probably resent it less, since I can do it without small people screaming at me. Mostly I enjoy being alone. I have had only a handful of times where I got to be alone in my own house since Kalena was born. I’ve been alone other places! But home alone was an elusive thing, so now I’m reveling in it. Just a little bit. 

I really thought I’d blog more with the free time. I’m so out of the habit though, I don’t even think about it. Turns out just HAVING the time doesn’t force you do the thing. (See also: my intention to get back into yoga which still has yet to happen.)

Anyway. Home alone. I’m a big fan. 

2 thoughts on “Alone

  1. But hey, NaBloPoMo might get you back into the habit! Glad to see you around here 🙂 I’ve decided to participate this year too, for once instead of just commenting on other blogs.

  2. I remember that feeling of decadence when I was finally home alone. That was my wish every Mother’s Day. Some time home – alone – for just a few hours! My husband could not comprehend. It is the best!

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