Monday the kids were off school (5th day in a row, thanks parent-teacher conferences), Tuesday was Halloween, Wednesday and Thursday I spent all day flattened by a migraine and this morning I woke up to a mouse in my closet. It’s been a long week, is what I’m saying. I DID managed to get my closet completely cleaned out and reorganized today (thanks mouse?) but mostly the house is a disaster, because doing nothing for 2 days when you have 4 kids is not great for tidiness. Entropy happens fast around here. 

I’m super annoyed about the mouse. We saw evidence of mice in the kitchen about a week ago, so I did some deep cleaning, set traps, and we caught a mouse. Just one, despite traps in all the areas we could see they had been. I moved the traps after a couple days and still nothing. I thought, “Well. Maybe that’s it?” And then I SAW ONE THIS MORNING. (On a different floor and on the other side of the house from the kitchen.) So apparently I will be waging war on these sneaky mice. Really NOT what I wanted to spend my time doing. 

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