Daniel at school

So, one of my very good friends is a para in Daniel’s classroom and y’all. It’s the best. Not only does she take adorable pictures of him working at school and text them to me, I get to hear all the GOOD stories.  

Like the time he took his PE icon off his schedule, walked over to the door, waved and said bye to the classroom, and then took off down the hall. (Going to PE. Obviously. He loves PE.) 

I also got to hear about the new para who, upon seeing Daniel shove most of a nutrigrain bar in his mouth and make a giant mess of the rest, said, “Well maybe his mom should teach him how to take one bite at a time.” You guys. I could not stop laughing. The idea that A) it’s that easy and B) WE’D NEVER TRIED TO TEACH HIM is just so ludicrous I’m not even offended. (He has never worked with developmentally delayed kids, nor does he have kids of his own. My friend was quick to tell him to NEVER EVER make a comment like that again EVER, but we laughed about it together. A lot.)

Anyway. It’s fantastic. And look how cute he is! 

One thought on “Daniel at school

  1. I love reading your updates about Daniel. It’s fun to see what might be in store for my Daniel in a few years. It’s also fun to see that the accomplishments, like saying his own name, keep happening. One of the fun things with Danny is that he has so many more accomplishments that we notice. Harry seems the same but older, but Danny can now eat an applesauce pouch on his own! He can go down the stairs now! Very exciting.

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