Daniel has an ongoing thing with ear tubes. Mostly the problem is everything looks fine when they first come out but then a couple months later he fails a hearing screen and turns out his ears are full of fluid. He hasn’t had trouble with ear infections particularly. No more than our other kids, but he does have regular issues with fluid in his ears. Anyway, the result has been that he’s had 3 sets of tubes, with several months between one set falling out and getting another. And I really wish we didn’t have to wait until his hearing is in trouble again before they put new tubes in. His ear canals are tiny. He KEEPS having problems with fluid in his ears. Can we not just go ahead and put tubes in?

Currently we’re in a weird place- one tube is out, but the other had granulation tissue growing around it, so it’s still there. (This can be problematic) But tomorrow is his follow up appointment to check on the tube that’s still in and see if his other ear stayed clear or not. I’m HOPING it will be obvious if he needs new tubes. Waiting and having follow up after follow up where the ENT says “Well…let’s see how he does” only to have him fail school hearing tests a couple months later is not actually all that fun. I just want him to be able to hear! Because if he can’t hear, how can I get him to work on listening? πŸ˜‚

2 thoughts on “ENT

  1. We had a similar issue with Sammy. His ears were like pez dispensers for tubes. Finally they put in T tubes, which are supposed to stay in longer. Well, the “new style” didn’t stay put, so round 4 was the clasic style T tubes. One of them came out maybe a year later, and the other we had to have removed. So, 5 surgeries by 5th grade. But his ear canals finally did grow and we are done with tubes finally. I hope Daniel’s journey is a lot shorter.

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