I ended up taking Lydia with me to Daniel’s ENT appointment today. I don’t usually do this, and today was a reminder why.

When they had me take off Daniel’s shoes to weigh him? Lydia took hers off too. Also, Lydia REALLY wanted to get her weight and height measured. Then we moved rooms, but Daniel didn’t want to get back in the stroller, so I had 2 barefoot toddlers and a stroller, and an armful of shoes to maneuver down the halls. Once in the new room, both kids pooped, and obviously I didn’t have wipes with me. Both kids tried to escape down the hall more than once, they turned on equipment, they tried to log in to the computer, they pulled paper covering off the exam table, and tried to empty boxes of gloves. I distracted them by taking pictures, which worked for about 27 seconds. Cute little terrors eh?

In actual appointment news, ears are clear, no more granulation tissue, back in 6 months. In 6 months I’ll be sure to find a babysitter.

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