Christmas tree

We have a fake tree. This is like, 95% because Brian said we can have a real tree when I want to deal with all the nonsense that comes with a real tree. Because he doesn’t want to. So fake tree for now! You know what I miss about real trees though? Besides the smell. I loooove the smell of a Christmas tree (for now I have Christmas tree smelling candles)

Anyway, what I miss is tinsel. Tinsel is a giant pain. It gets on EVERYTHING, and you find it forever (not unlike glitter) and it shocks you with static electricity if you walk too close to the tree. Still I love it. I feel like a Christmas tree looks FINISHED when it has tinsel on it. But I’m not willing to put tinsel on a tree that has to be stored. Only on a tree that you get to throw out. I feel like nobody uses tinsel anymore. Do they? Is tinsel still a thing? I put up our tree today is why this is on my mind. We have a hodgepodge tree and I LOVE IT. 3 different kinds of lights, no matching ornaments, and completely bottom-heavy on the decorating because the kids helped. It’s the best.

Oh, P.S. I DID manage to get the cranberries & marshmallows on the tree! 3rd time’s a charm!

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