Giddy up!

We have a sliding door leading out to our deck, and the lock is wonky, so we secure it in the classic way- by putting a stick in the track to keep the door from opening at all. This would be fine except that Lydia has recently become kind of obsessed with riding horses, and she started taking the stick to ride around. Obviously she put it back when she was done with it, zero times. So I’ve been meaning to get her one of those stick horses so she’d leave our door-lock-stick alone. By lucky chance, when I went grocery shopping yesterday Aldi had one! (Seriously, just one, alone on a shelf. It was meant to be.) We considered saving it for Christmas momentarily, but it’s really a pain to have to FIND A STICK before you can lock the door every night.

She is SO THRILLED y’all. She’s been riding it around nonstop.

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