sick baby

Lydia is sick again. Just with a cold but, she’s pretty sure it’s the worst thing ever. We’ve learned what kind of sick kid she is too. All kids have their own way of being sick, you know? Will sleeps all day. Kalena is way more likely to puke than the other kids. Daniel gets pathetic and snuggly. Lydia? is our fever baby. Apparently when she gets sick she runs a fever. And then she won’t sleep. It’s all thrashing and fussing and nothing we’ve tried so far makes it better. I’m really not a fan.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post about things I’m thankful for. Tonight I’d be thankful if this baby would go to bed.


Y’all. I think we broke the baby. You know how I said she went to bed fine, but was up a lot? Well scratch that. She has decided she wants to sleep NEVER.

This all started last weekend when everyone was sick. We moved her temporarily out of Kalena’s room and into our room to avoid them waking each other up. This was fine, ish. Lydia apparently doesn’t sleep in a pack-n-play, so she ended up in our bed. It would take her a while to GO to sleep, but then once she did it was like a normal night. This was the first few days, while Kalena was sick. Then Kalena got better and Lydia got sick. She was never pukey like the other kids, just fussy and running a high fever. So those nights she stayed in our room so I could keep a close eye on her. Sleep was not great, but obviously she was feverish and uncomfortable, so I didn’t think much about that. But. Since then? It’s been INSANE. She’ll go to bed at a normal time, around 7, and sleep for a couple hours, and then she thinks it’s party time. She just WON’T go back to sleep! For instance, last night: She went to bed around 7 (and actually, had a hard time falling asleep. Took her about an hour.) She woke up around 10:30 to nurse and just…stayed up. She went back to sleep sometime around 1, but was back up at 2. Awake from 2-4. Slept from 4 to 5. Thankfully the 5 am wake up was short, but then at 6:30 she was up for the day. WHAT IS THIS?! I mean, besides terrible. This kind of schedule has been going on for DAYS now, and we are EXHAUSTED. Even splitting up the time she’s awake only gives Brian and I each like 5 hours of sleep a night.

I have NO IDEA how to fix this. We can’t let her cry in her crib in the middle of the night because Kalena is in there. I’ve tried rocking, nursing, feeding her a bottle, just letting her stay up. Nothing is working and GAAAHH. We’re both going to go crazy from sleep deprivation. Actually, at this point I’m hoping for an ear infection or SOMETHING that we can FIX. Because seriously. I can’t do this much longer.

Lydia at 6 months

Well. I haven’t been doing a great job at posting 5 times a week in August have I? I have ALSO not been doing a great job at updating this blog with Lydia’s growth or milestones. WHOOPS. I’m going to remedy that now. I’m not sure I’ve ever posted her measurements here? After she was born anyway. If I did, TOO BAD you’re getting them again.

Lydia started off very normal sized, at 7 lbs 1 oz, but she quickly decided gaining weight is not at the top of her priorities. Here are her measurements.

                      Height                         Weight                    Head circumference

1 month         21 1/2 in (75%)        7 lbs 13 oz (25%)        13 3/4 in (10%)

2 months       22 1/2 in (50%)       9 lbs 4 oz (25%)          15 in (45%)

4 months      24 1/2 in (50%)        10 lbs 7 oz (5%)          16 in (50%)

6 months      25 1/4 in (25%)         13 lbs 1 oz (7%)          17 in (55%)

Apparently she’s putting all her growing efforts into her head size. Mostly she’s a teensy little lady. She’s still wearing 0-3 month size clothes, although I suspect if I tried to put her in anything other than a onesie she’d need a bigger size for the length. At her 4 month appointment the doctor was worried about her weight, because she’d dropped so much percentile-wise and because although she was nursing on demand she wouldn’t take a bottle. He recommended maybe starting solids early, but within a week or so she was back to taking a daily bottle so we didn’t worry so much about the food thing. And, as you see, her percentile came back up (a smidge) by her 6 month appointment. (Which happened on Tuesday, by the way. The day she actually turned 6 months!) These days she nurses on demand and takes a 4 oz bottle before bed. Sometimes she also needs an afternoon bottle 2-4 oz, but not every day. She is 6 months now, so we can start solids anytime. And she’s seeming interested in our food, so I suppose I should. Blah. Feeding a baby is not my favorite. So messy! So time consuming!

Sleep has been…not great. I think I blogged about that already. It’s been especially bad recently, with several nights where she was up for hours at a time, and multiple days where she got up for the day at 4 am. (Including today! Thankfully Brian took her at 5:30 and kept her until 7:30 so I could get a little more sleep.) I think there are many contributing factors here. For one, she picked up a cold from the older kids so she’s been snotty and snuffly for a few days. Also, she seems to be getting closer to crawling. She now scoots herself backward and tries to get up on her hands and knees. (It makes her SUPER mad, but she does it anyway.) I know developmental milestones can mess up sleep. AND she started rolling over WHILE she was swaddled so we’ve been transitioning from sleeping swaddled and in bed with me to not swaddled and in a crib. So. Lots of changes and not lots of sleep. Hopefully that will change soon!

Other milestones, let’s see. She rolls everywhere. She’s a big fan of her play mat but gets pretty mad when the music is finished. She likes sitting in the bumbo, especially while we eat. We have to be careful though, because she’s reached that grabby-baby phase, so anything within reach is in danger. She likes the toys that go on her bouncer, which is a first for us. Kalena wasn’t a big fan of the bouncer, and Will loved being bounced, but never played with the toys. I’m not sure we ever put Daniel in a bouncer. She still naps in the bouncer too, mostly because I’m not willing to sacrifice that time yet and when I try to lay her in the crib for naps she only sleeps for like 15 minutes. I’m hoping that, like Will and Kalena, once she starts sleeping better at night naps will be better too. WE’LL SEE. Lydia is very much a binky baby. She LOVES her binky. This is another first for us. None of the other kids took a binky at all past a couple months old. She also has a lovey- a little teddy bear/blanket. (Way back when I was trying to get Will to sleep through the night our pediatrician recommended a “transition object” and that’s how we got him attached to Buster Bear. I’ve been doing the same thing with Lydia and this lovey.) Her reflux is getting better. She still spits up some, but it does not seem to cause her nearly as much pain as it was. She’s generally a happy baby. See?


Happy girl with her lovey. (And no binky. So you can see her adorable smile.)

Sleep. With babies it’s always about sleep

I’m fairly sure it’s impossible to have a baby without doing at least a little blogging about sleep. When Lydia was a month (or so) she was sleeping GREAT. She’d go to sleep for the night around 8, wake up between 2 and 4 to eat and then go back to sleep until 6 or so. There were even a couple glorious nights where she woke briefly around 10 pm to eat and then slept until 5 am. This was fabulous. I could count on several hours of uninterrupted sleep a night and only 1 wake up. Sadly, it didn’t last. For the last few weeks she’s been on an every 2 hours schedule. She goes to bed between 7 and 8, then generally nurses around 10, 12, 2, 4, and is up for the day at 6. This is considerably more tiring than the 1 wake up a night, as you might imagine.

I knew we’d been spoiled by Daniel and his wonderful sleep habits, so when Lydia was sleeping so well so young I thought we’d really lucked out with another good sleeper. I have no idea how to make this better, for a couple reasons. First of all, she doesn’t want to be swaddled for sleep any more. There’s been much middle of the night thrashing around from Lydia because she doesn’t want to be swaddled. So don’t swaddle her, right? Right, except if she isn’t swaddled she repeatedly takes her pacifier out of her mouth and then cries because she wants it. And as adept as she is at getting the thing OUT of her mouth, she is terrible at getting it back IN her mouth. So she doesn’t sleep well swaddled, but she sleeps worse not swaddled. It’s good times.

Anyway. I know all kids sleep through the night eventually. (I’ve seen it happen with each of our kids!) But in the meantime, I. Am. Tired.



Skeptical baby is skeptical of sleep.

Some quick bullet point updates

I have a list of posts I need to write, but here are some things to update before I forget.

  • A couple people asked me what a lip tie is. A lip tie is where the skin connecting the upper lip to the top gums is short, or attached lower than usual. It keeps the top lip from flanging out like it should. Lydia’s isn’t too severe, but it does mean her top lip is flush against my skin when she nurses instead of having that “fish lip” look it should have. Fixing a lip tie is more involved than fixing a tongue tie, so they don’t like to do it unless it’s causing problems. (In some cases it’s bad enough that baby’s top lip gets pulled under the gums while nursing. That is trouble.)
  • Daniel is now standing unsupported AND taking steps!! This is super exciting 🙂


  • School starts again for Kalena tomorrow (she’s been on spring break.) I’m not looking forward to drop off and pick up, because Lydia hates her carseat and spends most of her time in it screaming.
  • Because I wrote that Lydia’s middle of the night feedings were short, obviously I jinxed myself. Now they generally take 2 hours. I mean, the actual feeding part takes 20 minutes or so, but then she’s awake for another hour and a half. This isn’t so conducive to getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Managing at home with four has been…interesting. Having Daniel and Lydia is really like having two babies. Most days involve someone screaming at me for a good portion of the day. Also? They really can’t be in a room together. Daniel won’t leave her alone and he is not gentle. (He’s not trying to be mean. He’s just overly enthusiastic.)
  • Lydia and I have thrush. It’s awful and the stuff they prescribed on Friday does not seem to be doing anything, so I’ll likely be making a trip to the pediatrician tomorrow.
  • I got my regular clothes back out, which, YAY! No more maternity clothes! But also BOO, only about 4 things in my whole closet fit without looking terrible. So if you see me in the same 3 shirts all the time, YOU KNOW WHY.
  • I’m quoted in this article: Genuine Images of Motherhood (on page 4.) It’s from March 1st, but I kept forgetting to link to it!

That’s all for now. More soon! Hopefully!

The schedule

This post is about the issues I’m having with our new schedule. You can skip to the bottom if you’d rather not waste time reading a rundown of our days. Also, I’m not proofreading this, I’m just posting and going to bed. Sorry.

In Grand Junction, our daily schedule looked something like this:

6-6:30 all the kids are up for the day. Breakfast and morning stuff. Finishing Kalena’s homework if she had any left.

8:30 Kindergarten drop off. I was totally spoiled and Brian did this almost every day.

9:00 Daniel goes down for a nap. Will plays or watches a movie. I do productive things.

11:30 Wake Daniel up if we need to and leave for kindergarten pickup. School gets out at 11:50

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Kalena and Will go down for naps. For Kalena it’s just “quiet time” most days. She falls asleep once a week or so.

Sometime between 2 & 3: Lay Daniel down for an afternoon nap.

3:00 Kalena is done with quiet time so she plays. Sometimes we read. Sometimes she colors or does crafts while I make dinner.

Between 4 & 5: Will and Daniel get up. (Generally Will doesn’t fall asleep until after 2, even though he goes down at 1.)

5:30 Dinner

7:00 Bedtime

I didn’t really think switching to afternoon kindergarten when we moved here would be a big deal. I mean, sure, Kalena wouldn’t have afternoon quiet time anymore, but she was rarely napping anyway. I figured Daniel would still nap in the morning while she was home and that both the boys would have time for naps in the afternoon while she was at school. Except that’s really not how it’s working out at all. For one thing, Daniel seems to be ready to move to one nap a day and he wants it to be from about 11 to 2. Here’s how things go here most days:

6-6:45 All the kids are up for the day. Breakfast, normal morning stuff, then play time.

9:30 (ish) I lay Daniel down for a morning nap. He doesn’t protest, but he also doesn’t go to sleep. Sometimes the kids watch a movie or play on ipads at this point. Often they just play. I try to get a few things done.

Between 10:30 & 11 Daniel falls asleep. Not every day, but most days. Some days he doesn’t sleep at all in the morning.

11:15 Feed the big kids lunch. It seems way too early, but if we wait longer we end up too rushed.

12:00 Get Daniel up and get everyone ready to leave.

12:15 Take Kalena to school.

12:30 ish. Home again. Send Will to his room for a nap in the hopes that he’ll go to sleep at a reasonable time. He plays “until he’s tired” he tells me. Feed Daniel lunch and let him play.

Between 1:30 & 2 Put Daniel down for an afternoon nap. Again he doesn’t protest, but he also doesn’t go to sleep right away.

Generally around 2:30 both the boys fall asleep. Not always though. Sometimes neither of them sleep at all.

3:00 wake anyone who’s asleep. If Will is sleeping and I wake him? He’s a MESS. Teary, inarticulate, uncooperative.

3:15 Leave to get Kalena from school. School doesn’t actually get out until 3:40, but it’s a madhouse and getting there early is the best way to avoid most of the craziness.

3:40 get Kalena and head home. Fix dinner while the kids play or watch some Sesame Street (Daniel’s favorite. Okay, the only show he’ll actually watch.) Between now and Brian getting home the kids are generally INSANE. Very rambunctious, nobody listens, often lots of fighting.

Between 5:30 & 6 Brian gets home and we eat dinner. After dinner I usually read with Kalena while the boys play. We get all the kids ready for bed and put them down about 7.


In summary, the kids are sleeping about the same amount at night (11-11.5 hours.) But instead of 2-4 hours of naps during the day (for the boys) they’re getting more like 30 mins. And Kalena, even though she probably doesn’t need the nap, was definitely benefitting from “quiet time” which she no longer gets. Will is a mess if I have to wake him up, but if he doesn’t nap at all he’s CRAZY all evening. He bounces off the walls like he knows if he sits still for more than 30 seconds he’ll fall asleep. It’s really wearing me down and I have no solution. UGH.




So tired!

YOU GUYS. Daniel is sapping my will to live. At home he goes to bed around 7 and gets up around 6:15. Getting up in the middle of the night is super rare, and it basically only happens when he’s really sick. (Like when he had strep.) Since we’ve been here he’s been up multiple times every night. And I don’t mean he’s awake and talking to himself and I’m just hearing it because we’re in the same room. I mean he wakes up WAILING and continues until I pick him up out of his crib. Sometimes he continues even after I pick him up. I have NO IDEA why. He is fine during the day which makes me think it’s not illness or pain. There’s a fan running in the room for white noise, just like at home, so it’s not that he’s hearing me and waking up. He’s not overly warm (which sometimes wakes him at home.) He settles down if I turn the light on, but a nightlight isn’t enough and obviously he won’t sleep with the actual light on. AND, in addition to being up multiple times (six last night you guys. SIX TIMES.) he is waking up earlier than usual! Between 5:20 and 5:40. I can’t let him cry it out because a) I’m also trying to sleep in that room and b) he’s loud enough to wake other people, and there are 5 other kids trying to sleep in the same house. PLUS, Brian is at home so I have to deal with ALL of it. Then, because apparently he just wants to kick me while I’m down, I tried to nap this afternoon while he was napping and he slept for a whopping 30 minutes.

I. Am. Exhausted.

Send caffeine.


It seems cruel that I should be getting such terrible sleep just before I have a newborn who will undoubtedly cause me to only get terrible sleep, but here we are. I’ve never been a great sleeper. I sleep super lightly and anything wakes me up. That’d be fine except that then I can’t go back to sleep. Or I can but it takes 20-30 minutes. And if I wake up after 4 am? It takes an hour or more. I know I’ve mentioned that my kids get up at the crack of dawn which means I usually fall back to sleep juuuuust before they get up.

Waking too early in the morning and not being able to get back to sleep is known as sleep maintenance insomnia or sometimes as early-rising insomnia. I don’t generally have a problem falling asleep at the beginning of the night (although that also usually takes 20 minutes or so) but man it sucks to lay in bed at 4 or 5 am unable to sleep. Sleeping pills don’t help any. I mean, I guess they do in the sense that I have less trouble falling back asleep int he middle of the night, but I never feel well rested after taking a unisom, (even if I’ve adjusted to the effects after taking it for several days.) As a result, even if I get 8 hours of sleep I still feel like I haven’t had enough. And, the worst part, taking something to help me sleep makes me irritable the next day and drops my patience level with my kids to the bare minimum. So it’s no good all around.

I follow all the “rules” for preventing insomnia, with one exception. If you have insomnia, it’s often suggested that you not sleep where you can see a clock. Theoretically it prevents you from counting the minutes, focusing on how long you’ve been awake or how long until you have to wake up. But for me? It drives me INSANE not to know what time it is when I wake up. And if I can’t see a clock I will lay in bed ASSUMING I need to be up any minute waking myself up more and more until I track down a clock and find out what time it actually is. (Generally not anywhere close to time that I need to be up.) When I wake up (even in the middle of the night) it’s like a light switch being flipped. I am asleep and then I’m NOT. There’s no gradual coming to consciousness, it’s just BOOM. Eyes open, awake. Which means I canNOT rely how sleepy I feel to know if I should be going back to sleep or not. Hence the need for a clock.

Anyway, I’m not sure I have a point here except that insomnia sucks and I really wish I could get a good night’s sleep.

Troubles with sleep

Today’s fact: (I think I talked about this when I wrote about the Sie Center, but here it is again.) There are 3 types of Down syndrome: Nondisjunction is the most common (about 95% of cases) which is a 3rd copy of the chromosome in every cell. (This is what Daniel has.)
Mosaicism (about 1-2%) happens when only some of the cells have the extra 3rd copy.
Translocation (about 2-3%) happens when the long arm of chromosome 21 is attached to another chromosome. (This is the only kind of Down syndrome that can be inherited.)

Oh sleep. There’s always something going on with it. This time it’s Will. Will is having trouble sleeping. In particular, he only wants to sleep with his door open and the hall light on. For a few nights he was fine as long as his door was open and the light was on when he went to sleep, but the last couple nights he’s woken up in the middle of the night and wanted the light back on. I remember Kalena going through this phase, but she was older, and our solution was to put a touch lamp in her room. (I’m pretty sure I wrote about that.) That worked well for quite a long time, but eventually she started getting up in the middle of the night to turn the light back on, and it started doing more harm than good so we had to take it away. However, Will is still in a crib, so a lamp wouldn’t work anyway.

So my questions to you are: Did your kids go through this phase? Do you have some awesome nightlight that you want to recommend? He has a nightlight right now, but apparently it’s not bright enough. Also, I’m pretty sure wanting the door open isn’t just for the light, so maybe a nightlight isn’t the solution anyway. Suggestions?