I ended up taking Lydia with me to Daniel’s ENT appointment today. I don’t usually do this, and today was a reminder why.

When they had me take off Daniel’s shoes to weigh him? Lydia took hers off too. Also, Lydia REALLY wanted to get her weight and height measured. Then we moved rooms, but Daniel didn’t want to get back in the stroller, so I had 2 barefoot toddlers and a stroller, and an armful of shoes to maneuver down the halls. Once in the new room, both kids pooped, and obviously I didn’t have wipes with me. Both kids tried to escape down the hall more than once, they turned on equipment, they tried to log in to the computer, they pulled paper covering off the exam table, and tried to empty boxes of gloves. I distracted them by taking pictures, which worked for about 27 seconds. Cute little terrors eh?

In actual appointment news, ears are clear, no more granulation tissue, back in 6 months. In 6 months I’ll be sure to find a babysitter.


Daniel has an ongoing thing with ear tubes. Mostly the problem is everything looks fine when they first come out but then a couple months later he fails a hearing screen and turns out his ears are full of fluid. He hasn’t had trouble with ear infections particularly. No more than our other kids, but he does have regular issues with fluid in his ears. Anyway, the result has been that he’s had 3 sets of tubes, with several months between one set falling out and getting another. And I really wish we didn’t have to wait until his hearing is in trouble again before they put new tubes in. His ear canals are tiny. He KEEPS having problems with fluid in his ears. Can we not just go ahead and put tubes in?

Currently we’re in a weird place- one tube is out, but the other had granulation tissue growing around it, so it’s still there. (This can be problematic) But tomorrow is his follow up appointment to check on the tube that’s still in and see if his other ear stayed clear or not. I’m HOPING it will be obvious if he needs new tubes. Waiting and having follow up after follow up where the ENT says “Well…let’s see how he does” only to have him fail school hearing tests a couple months later is not actually all that fun. I just want him to be able to hear! Because if he can’t hear, how can I get him to work on listening? 😂

Out with a whimper

Nothing like a puking kid to end a long weekend, AMIRITE?! Ugh.  

I AM glad she wasn’t sick on Thanksgiving, but now she has to stay home from school tomorrow and, not gonna lie, I was looking forward to tomorrow being a school day. 

At what point do kids stop getting every bug that goes around school? That DOES HAPPEN, RIGHT? 


Yesterday was great. I mean, minus the cranberry/marshmallow fiasco. Got the tree up and decorated, got the other Christmas stuff put out, did some house cleaning, didn’t cook AT ALL. Generally awesome. 

But then I wasn’t tired at my usual bedtime, (10 pm because I’m an old lady) so I didn’t fall asleep until around 11:30. And then Lydia got up at midnight. And you know, she’s LYDIA, so of course she wouldn’t go back to sleep. Around 12:30 I brought her to bed with me where she proceeded to keep us both up until 2 am. And of course everyone was up for the day by 5:30. Not a great start. Then I got to take Daniel to the pediatrician’s office for a Saturday sick-visit! His right ear has had some drainage and despite his tubes it hasn’t cleared up, so to the doctor we go! Or went, I guess. Pediatrician took a look, told me it was too goopy to see anything (couldn’t even tell me if the tube was in place!) and that while they normally just do ear-drops for kiddos with tubes, he thought with how small Daniel’s ear canals are, and how much goop he’s got in there, ear drops wouldn’t even get far enough into his ear to work. So! Oral antibiotics for Mr. Daniel. 

Then I spent all afternoon with a migraine due to last night’s non-sleep shenanigans. Point is- today? LESS GREAT. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. 

Relatively good

Around 1 am Brian and I were both woken up by noises. They did not sound good. I mean, probably no noise waking you at 1 am sounds GOOD, but some noises are less bad than others. This was the kind of noise that makes you think, “uh oh. Somebody just threw up.” So we were both pleasantly surprised to find that nobody was puking, it was just Will coughing a very croup-y sounding cough. 
This is what parenting does to you, y’all. PLEASANTLY SURPRISED to find a kid with a nasty cough. I kept him home today, not for the cough since those can go on forever, but because he was running a fever. I’m a pretty strict follower of the 24 hour rule- no fever/vomiting for 24 hours before I’ll send a kid back to school. (I really don’t want my kid to be the one getting everyone sick. Also I hate when people send sick kids to school to get MY KIDS SICK. Anyway.) And that is how I ended up with a kid home from school today and will have one again tomorrow, because he is STILL running a fever. He doesn’t feel bad enough to sleep all day, so he just wants to talk my ear off about Pokémon. 

Monday: oven fire

Tuesday: sick kid

Not real excited about Wednesday.
P.S. I’m sure I jinxed myself by saying nobody was throwing up. I’ll let you know how that goes. 

Sick day

Daniel woke up crying this morning, which is very unusual for him. He was comforted by some cuddling, but then at breakfast he refused to eat anything. He stared at me like this all through the meal.

Is that the saddest face you’ve ever seen? So pathetic. I knew before the end of breakfast that he would not be going to school today. Brian got him set up with a movie after it was clear he really wasn’t going to eat anything, and by the time I came down to check on him he was sleeping. Then he proceeded to sleep aaaaallll day long. (Pretty typical for him when he’s sick.) 

He woke up around dinner time, and perked up (happiest I’d seen him all day!) when my friend stopped by with some fresh bread that she knows he loves. Sat up and said/signed “bread? Bread?” and gave Kalena some side-eye when she took it too the kitchen. 

He did eat some dinner, but he was back in bed with no complaints by 6:30. And while I certainly don’t want to feel as bad as he clearly did, I think I could use a day like that. 

The yearly November virus

I feel pretty sure that I’ve had a cold every year during NaBloPoMo. Mostly over Thanksgiving, because what’s a holiday without some illness, right? But apparently this year’s came early! Or maybe I’ll have 2 this year. (During November. Obviously my kids give me more than 2 colds a year.)

This virus is so weird though. Every time I stand up I have a weird dizzy/lightheaded/might pass out feeling. Sort of like head rush, but instead of getting better as I stand, it gets worse. This is really not great for getting anything done. But…it is great for complaining about! No, not even that really. I just feel crappy & tired. 

And FOUR! 

Daniel. Our sweet baby Daniel is FOUR! Not sure how this happened since he’s supposed to stay my baby FOREVER. Anyway, he had HIS well visit today. (And Will has one on Wednesday. Apparently I enjoy the pediatrician SO MUCH that I scheduled 3 visits in 2 weeks.) He is healthy and although he’s on the small side for typical kids (he only weighs 1 pound more than Lydia!) on the Down syndrome charts he’s at the 90th percent for height and about 40th for weight. He’s followed by so many specialists that well visits are mostly for vaccinations (none today though!) but it’s still good to check in and hear that all looks good!  



So! A follow up on Daniel’s surgery. I mentioned a while back that Daniel was going to have surgery to have his tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears again. Well, that happened! His surgery was on the 15th of December, in the morning, followed by an overnight stay for monitoring. Normally their cut-off is age 3, kids 3 and older don’t generally stay overnight following this particular procedure, but because Daniel has Down syndrome they wanted to keep an eye on him for the night. Anyway, the surgery went well. Tonsils were very large, adenoids were blocking 60% of the space back there, which is obviously less than ideal. But now they’re gone! Only one ear had fluid, but tubes should help keep them dry which is important for hearing. And, of course, hearing is especially important as he’s learning to talk.

Post surgery he seemed okay. Obviously he was in pain, and he hated having to take his meds, but he ate and drank just fine. No hospital night is particularly restful, but nothing out of the ordinary went on, and when the ENT team came by in the morning they said they were fine with discharging him. We were home by 9:30 that morning. Barely 24 hours in the hospital all told.

I had my tonsils out at 22. Brian had his out at 29. We are both well aware of how rough the recovery can be. And even though kids are supposed to bounce back much quicker, we were expecting it to be rough! But it did not go like I expected.

Some side explanation. There are 3 basic versions of Daniel: 1) Happy Daniel. This is what most people see, and his most common state. Everything is good and exciting and he’s a happy guy. 2) Sick Daniel. Sick Daniel is very snuggly and pathetic. He sleeps A LOT, cries some, doesn’t want to eat, and mostly just wants to sit on your lap. 3) Mad Daniel. This Daniel is PISSED. Whatever the reason, he’s mad and he’s going to let you know. Mostly by yelling. He screams, he cries, he hits you, and he is generally NOT FUN to be around. (Bonus, since he can’t talk, we often have NO IDEA what he’s mad about!)

Anyway, post surgery I was expecting Sick Daniel. I expected that he wouldn’t want to eat (I know I didn’t), that he would want to be held a lot, that he would sleep a lot, and that we would have to be very careful to stay on top of his pain meds. (They don’t do narcotics for kids under 5, by the way. Just over the counter stuff.) What I got? Was Mad Daniel. Oh my gosh you guys. SO MUCH YELLING. Every medicine dose (so, every 3 hours alternating acetaminophen and ibuprofen) was a fight and there was much screaming afterward. But a late med does? Extra screaming. Whenever Brian left he screamed. He screamed when I tried to feed him, but he also screamed because he was hungry. My nerves were shot. Days 3 and 7 were the worst (as we were told they would be.) And then, right at 2 weeks, he turned a corner! Suddenly he was fine even if meds were late. He didn’t scream at me during meals because swallowing hurt. WOOHOO!

Of course, now we have to undo all the bad habits- all day TV, giving him whatever he wants to eat (pudding/ice cream/noodles (mac & cheese was about the only real food he wanted)) and just generally letting him get away with everything because he was recovering. Oh, like the fact that suddenly he doesn’t want to wear his glasses? I don’t even know what that’s about, but I blame recovery. I’m hoping getting back to school will help with all this.

Anyway, I’m glad we did it. Even in the first days home I noticed a difference in how loud he is when he sleeps (much quieter.) And although we all caught colds right around Christmas, this one has not developed into the nasty cough he usually gets. So, yay for successful surgery!


Daniel had his ENT appointment today (follow up on his failed hearing screen at school.) I figured the ENT would confirm fluid in the ears and tell me Daniel needs tubes again. And that DID happen. But then he went on to say that taking out his adenoids would help with chronic fluid in his ears. Aaaaaand then he said that if he were already being put under for the adenoid surgery they might as well take his tonsils out too. (Especially since his sleep study results were, apparently, borderline. The sleep study people said his sleep was fine, but ENT said he’s on the higher end in terms of episodes of apnea per hour. I don’t know the details here.)

ANYWAY. Daniel is now scheduled to have his tonsils & adenoids removed and tubes put in. They said the surgery is about an hour long, but they’ll keep him at least overnight to monitor everything and he’ll have to meet the “intake by mouth” requirements before they’ll discharge him. SO. This should be…interesting.

Oh, we’re fortunate that Daniel doesn’t have any heart issues, otherwise they require a pre-surgery consult with a cardiologist. We may have to do a consult with anesthesia, but they weren’t sure today.