Five Food Facts

Okay, these aren’t really food facts, they’re really just facts about me and food.  Some of my quirks.  Because why not end NaBloPoMo with something completely random?

1)  I don’t prepare food on directly on the counter.  Ever.  I know some people who make sandwiches or butter toast without a plate.  I am not those people.

2)  I rarely eat directly from the container.  (The obvious exception being single serving containers.)  I put my chips on a plate; I put my ice cream in a bowl; I even eat goldfish crackers out of a little dish.

3) I don’t serve from pots and pans at the table.  Either things get dished to plates in the kitchen, or everything gets put in serving dishes and put on the table.  I just don’t like the way pots and pans on the table looks.

4) I always, ALWAYS grate my own cheese.  Pre-grated cheese is a) more expensive and b) gross.  Plus it doesn’t melt right.  (Okay, pre-grated mozzarella is alright.  But never cheddar!)

5)  I rarely buy pre-made cookie dough because I think cookies from scratch are SO much better, but I almost always use box mixes for cakes and brownies.  I guess I’m just to lazy to make those from scratch?

Any random food facts you want to share?

Adjective of the day

These days Kalena seems to know one adjective: green.  Green is used not only to describe all colors, but pretty much to describe EVERYTHING.  Green show = any show she might like.  Green shirt = clean shirt (also, any shirt other than the one I’ve just offered her.)  Green room = other room.  It’s pretty awsome.  Conversations go like this:

Me: Where is daddy?  Here?
Kalena: No.  Green room!

Me: Do you want to wear this shirt?
Kalena: No, GREEN shirt!

Me: Which plate do you want for dinner?
Kalena: Green plate!
Doesn’t matter that I’ve offered her a choice between the purple plate and the orange plate.

And yes, she is always very enthusiastic about the green.  I know she’ll outgrow it soon enough, but it’s fun right now.

Random Thankful

Since I didn’t do a “thankful” post on Thanksgiving, I thought I’d tell you something I’m thankful for today.  Kalena doesn’t climb out of her crib.  I’m sure she COULD.  Especially since she’s climbed INTO it on numerous occasions.  It is SO GREAT to be able to put her in her crib and know that she’ll stay there.  She may get up at the crack of dawn, but at least she doesn’t get up at the crack of dawn and then break her head open getting out of her crib without help.  Sometimes it’s the little things.

Looks like an enthralling book

Lately Kalena likes to tell me, “No, Miss read it!” when I try to read to her.  Usually I end up letting her “read” one book while I read her a different one.  
Other times I just take pictures.  
P.S.  She still wears her zip up the back pjs to sleep in, but sometimes she asks to put on those footie pjs with the hearts when she wakes up.  Wouldn’t you want to run around in pink fleece footie pajamas if you had some?

Black Friday shopping– do you?

I went Black Friday shopping this morning, for the first time in several years.  I went with my mom and my sister, and we were feeling ambitious, but not insane, so I picked them up at 5 am.  We went to the mall (that’s where our Target is) and people, I have NEVER seen the mall so busy.  Never, and I’ve shopped there on Christmas eve.  We had a good time, and got what we wanted so I consider the day a success.

Here are the highlights:

Kalena waking me up at midnight.  Of course she would wake up randomly on the one night I *really* need the sleep.  Why?  Well, when I asked her what she needed she told me, “My dinosaurs! My dinosaurs!” through her sobbing.  I handed them over and she went right back to sleep.

People ordering Chinese food at the mall food court at 5:15 am.  Really, that’s your breakfast choice?  Also, really?  You’re going to get yourself to the mall before 5 am to get all the best deals and then spend your time eating breakfast in the food court?

The line in Target that wrapped all the way around the store.  Yep, we spent more time waiting in line than we did shopping.

What were the highlights of your Black Friday?

This post is not at all related to Thanksgiving

Remember when I told you that I had my annual Thanksgiving week cold?  Well, Kalena got it this year too.  It hasn’t dampened her spirits much, but she has developed a bit of a cough.  In fact, enough of a cough that she woke up a couple nights ago coughing so hard it was making her gag.

This is where I take a little detour and tell you that when we first moved into the house we all got a stomach bug.  Like, literally the first night we spent here Kalena threw up all night.  Over and over and over.  (Why do people carpet bathrooms?  WHY?)  She was good about recognizing the feeling and when she was about to throw up she would tell us she needed to “‘pit a-potty” or spit in the potty if you can’t translate.  It was a miserable few days and I hope we never have to do it again.  Or, since that may be too much to ask, I hope that next time I’m not sick at the same time as both the kids on a day Brian is out of town.  AWFUL.

Back to the story at hand.  When she woke up the other night coughing we got her out of bed and Brian watched some cartoons with her while I ran to the store to find anything age-appropriate to give her.  But while she waited, anytime she started coughing hard she would tell Brian that she needed to “‘pit a-potty” because she recognized that gagging feeling.  She didn’t ever throw up (thankfully) but it made me feel bad that the stomach bug made such an impression on her.  What two year old recognizing gagging WEEKS after being sick?  Apparently throwing up approximately one million times is memorable, even at two.  

Well, you all know how I feel about eBay

I bought Will some clothes on eBay the other day.  When I realized I was leaving him in pajamas all day because he had more pairs of pjs than actual outfits I figured I’d better do something about that.  So off to eBay, won an auction, waited on the clothes and then had to laugh out loud at one of the onesies when they arrived.  You see, the auction only had one picture, so while I could tell there was a picture of some sort on one of the onesies, I couldn’t tell what it was.  Turns out it was this:

Or, a closer view:

And I had to laugh because Will missed being a Sagittarius by one day.  ONE.  Who sells personalized stuff like that on eBay without saying what it is?  It’s not going to stop me from putting him in it though (obviously, he wore it today.)  If Kirsta’s baby gets here early (she’s due Dec 22nd) then this little outfit will get passed on to someone who actually IS a Sagittarius.  Otherwise it may just end up in the goodwill box.  After Will outgrows it of course.  Waste not, want not, right? 

Want some motivation to clean?

Kirsta wanted to watch some Hoarders, and since it’s streaming on Netflix, that’s what we’re doing.  Man oh man, there is NOTHING that makes me want to clean like watching this show.  Seriously, when I’m sorting stuff and I start to think things like, “maybe I’ll need this someday” I remind myself that that is exactly the kind of crap people on Hoarders say.  That’s all the motivation I need.

Well, we braved the dinosaurs today

Apparently, even though he was scared to death while he was there, Patrick hasn’t stopped talking about the “dinosaur zoo” since the last time we went.  So today Eric, Joe, and I took Espen, Patrick, and Kalena off to Dinosaur Journey while Kirsta stayed at home with Eli and Will.  The kids enjoyed themselves, more than usual even.

However, they were determined not to show any trace of that enjoyment when I got out the camera.

I caught it eventually.
That earthquake table gets ’em every time.

Listen Kalena, you NEVER need my permission to sleep more

Kalena woke up early from her nap today.  And by “early” I mean she slept for 20 minutes.  I wasn’t looking forward to spending the afternoon managing meltdowns especially since that’s what we did all morning.  But I went in anyway and found her lying in her crib, wailing away.  She didn’t stop when she saw me or when I asked her if she wanted to get up.  In fact, it didn’t really matter what I said, she just kept crying.  Finally I asked if she wanted to sleep some more to which she tearfully replied that she did.  I told her that she could, she just had to close her eyes and go back to sleep.  And then SHE DID.  She slept for another hour or so and when she got up again she was back to her cheerful self.  If only she would go back to sleep anytime *I* wanted her to.  Now that would be a good trick.