Last day!

Remind me next year not to commit to blogging every day for two months in a row. I’m really sick of blogging right now. Fortunately November is over!

I got my hair chopped this morning. I told her to go as short as she thought would still look good with my face shape, and here it is:



It’ll probably be a few days before I’m used to it, and not startled when I see myself in the mirror, but I like it.

Family photo preview

The pictures are great! My friend Sally took them, you can see more of her stuff here. She’s great with natural looking photos, which I prefer to the more posed looking ones. Anyway, here’s a little sneak peek.


That’s real life right there.


Will was a “swimming dinosaur” who didn’t want his picture taken. I’m surprised he’s even facing the camera in multiple shots.

Daniel was pretty unimpressed by the whole thing. Also, whoa my hair is long.

Family photo fun

Well, we had family pictures this afternoon. Will was adamant that he did NOT want his picture taken, so that was fun. Fortunately Sally is awesome, so I’m sure there are some good ones in there. (I’m betting that fact that neither of the kids napped today didn’t help.) I don’t have the pictures yet, but here’s a couple quick shots from my phone after we got home.

Will is yelling, “You not take my picture!” here.



Daniel fell asleep on the ride home, so no preview shots of him.

I’ve got nothing

This is like the month that never ends. I almost forgot to blog today! It’s been one of those days though. Will was sick this morning, Kalena had school, Daniel wouldn’t nap this afternoon, and I had book club this evening. Busy busy.

We’re having family pictures taken tomorrow for our Christmas cards. I’m excited to get them done, but I’m a little torn about how I feel about my hair. I’m getting it all chopped off on Friday, so on one hand I’m glad to take the pictures before in case I hate it, but on the other hand, it kinda sucks to get pictures just before I make a big change like that. OH WELL. It’s already planned.

In other news, we’re supposed to be going to two Christmas parties on Saturday! The first is a brunch put on by the Mile High Down Syndrome Association. The western slope chapter is, unfortunately, in Montrose (about 90 minutes from here) but we’d like to go and meet people anyway. And the second is our annual book club dinner. It’s the only time husbands also come to book club, and because my mom and I both belong, it’s the one time a year Brian and I actually have to pay a babysitter.

And changing the subject one last time, I’m reading “A Discovery of Witches” and really enjoying it, but it’s kind of slow going. I’m worried it’s screwing up my page count. I’m going to have to come up with some really fast reads to make up for it.

Surgery and travels

I swiped this picture of Kalena’s visit off my sister’s blog. (You can read more about how much fun Kalena had over there.)


She and Patrick are such great friends, it makes me sad that we don’t live closer to each other. Fortunately we’re going back after Christmas!

Here’s the deal. Brian needs his tonsils out. And being a student means there are two times of the year that can happen: 1) over the summer or 2) over Christmas break. Those are the only two times where there’s enough time to recover. And since Brian will hopefully be working over the summer, we opted to have him do it over Christmas break. (Also, we’ve known about this for a few months now, so Christmas was sooner.)

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, I had my tonsils out when I was 22. I am WELL AWARE of how much the recovery sucks. Spoiler: A LOT. (8 years later I can still VIVIDLY remember the horrible aftertaste everything had.) I spent two weeks taking percocet round the clock and sleeping pretty much constantly. I ate only enough to keep the percocet from upsetting my stomach, and I was basically only awake to eat. When we decided Brian would be getting his out over Christmas I thought, “He’s not going to want to do anything. How can I help him not have to do anything?” And my answer was– take the kids and leave! I’ve had a few people tell me I’m heartless for leaving him alone after surgery, but I really think it’s best. For one thing, he won’t be ALONE alone. My parents will be here, even if they’re at work during the day. For another thing, he won’t actually be doing anything he needs help with. Tonsillectomy recovery involves a lot of pain, but he’ll be fine to get himself something to eat (like a popsicle), and shower, and change the show on Netflix, which is pretty much all he’ll need to do. Not having the kids around to bother him will be MUCH more helpful than having me around.

So we’re going back to see my sisters and stopping for a couple nights in Denver to see my good friend Laura. (Whose parents are graciously letting me invade their house with my 3 children.) The kids are thrilled about going, especially Will since he didn’t get to go last time. (Also, especially Kalena since she already misses everyone. Really it’s just Daniel who’s indifferent.) And that’s my long and pointless post about why I’m taking the kids to Pueblo after Christmas.

Home again

My parents and Kalena got home tonight. Kalena informed us that she didn’t miss us at all, and that she already misses her cousin Patrick. (I’m pretty sure she’d go live with Kirsta in a heartbeat if we gave her a choice.) I think she was happiest to see Daniel, since she basically ignored us and went straight to see him. I’m sure he was happy to see her too. I think he’s been missing this:

Seriously, again with the internet.

Once again our internet is being worthless and I can’t upload the picture I was going to post today. How about some bullet points instead?

~I’m getting a little sick of Thanksgiving food. Turns out when there are only 2 of you, there are a lot of leftovers.

~Will likes to say, “Hey there.” very calmly as he runs by people. It’s adorable.

~Daniel loves eating solids. Especially those baby Mum-Mum crackers. He gets hilariously excited to get one.

~Daniel quit waking up at 4:45, did I mention that? Now he gets up between 6 and 6:30 most days. Totally acceptable time in my book.

~So far I’m on track with my 100 pages a day of reading. I’m only 7 books behind now! 13 books to read by the end of the year.

~I feel like November should be almost over. Probably because Thanksgiving was so early this year.

~I had to get out 12 -18 month clothes for Daniel. How is this possible?! Will is still in 2T! They’re going to end up wearing the same size! (Okay, really Will is almost out of 2T and Daniel is just in 12 month. Still.)

~Sometimes when I get on the kids for misbehaving, Will grits his teeth and grimaces and gets wild, shifty eyes. It’s REALLY hard not to laugh at him.

~We put up our Christmas lights on Wednesday. The tree won’t be happening for a while though, because we always get a real tree.

What’s going on with you?

Gift guide for a dinosaur lover

I finished Christmas shopping for the kids on Wednesday (minus a couple stocking things.) I’ll get around to posting about what they’re getting, but for today, some dinosaur ideas! (I’m always hyper-aware of anything dinosaur related. I’ve caught my kids’ obsession. I didn’t even know it was contagious.)

First, these dinosaur flashcards from Flash of Brilliance. Kalena got these last year for Christmas, and they’re awesome. They’re card-stock so they’re more durable than just cards. They have lots of info on the back, but they’re also color-coded on the front (so you can tell the sauropods from the theropods, etc.)

A jumbo T-Rex from Toys R Us. Will has one of these, and he’s getting another one, because he loves it so much. (Toys R Us only has two jumbo dinosaurs online. Both T-Rex oddly enough.) I don’t know why they call these “foam.” They’re plastic. 20 inches tall and made of awesome soft plastic.

Melissa &Doug dinosaur puzzles. Four wood puzzles in a nice storage box, pieces labeled on the back in case they get mixed up. Can’t go wrong here.

One of these awesome dinosaur hats from Daisy Brains on Etsy. It is a shame we don’t have any of these. We really should.

Some squishy dinosaurs from Oriental Trading Company. These are tiny and stretchy and squishy and really fun. We bought a 4 pack of them in a museum gift shop, but I might still need to order the 48 pack of them. The kids love them. (Plus, $6! Less than 15 cents each! Doesn’t matter if the kids lose a few!)

For older kids (well, maybe you want to deal with stamps with kids under 5, but I do NOT.) this Melissa & Doug stamp set. (P.S. Melissa & Doug stuff is pretty awesome in general.)

An Ultimate Sticker Book: Dangerous Dinosaurs. These books are great and available for pretty much anything your kid might be interested in.

The book “Ten Terrible Dinosaurs.” We don’t own this (WHY?!) but we’ve checked it out of the library several times. Very cute.

Looking for something a little more practical? How about some dinosaur pajamas. We have several pairs around here, including these from Carter’s. Will loves to point out all the different dinosaurs there are. It’s really cute, because he always sounds a little surprised. Like, “Hey! Did you know these have dinosaurs on them?”

And no dinosaur lover’s life is complete without dinosaur cheater chopsticks! (No? Just my kids?) Kalena and Will LOVE to use chopsticks but they are bad at it. We’ve been talking about getting them some cheater chopsticks for awhile, and then I found these at our dinosaur museum gift shop. In the stockings they go!

I could probably go on forever, but I’ll quit now.


I had a whole great post planned out (written even!) and then the internet got all wonky and I couldn’t upload my pictures or type or do basically anything. It’s fixed now, but it’s past my bedtime so this is all you get for today. SORRY. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Thanksgiving crafts

I remember growing up we would make turkeys out of apples and gumdrops every Thanksgiving. We always thought it was lots of fun and my mom had some cute little turkey story that she told before hand. Anyway, we decided that the kids were old enough to enjoy it this year, so we tried it out. We didn’t do the turkey story, just made the turkeys. It took about 4 minutes and mostly the kids liked the gumdrops.

This was, sadly, the best picture I got.


We’ll probably do it again next year 🙂