This week has been so long. Impossibly long. Maybe this is because I am still fighting this cold, so I feel like I’m dragging myself through every minute. I’m a smidge worried about next week, since 3 extra days off school usually means MUCH BICKERING. I swear all Will wants after he’s home from school is for Kalena to get home, but all they do after she’s home is fight. SO FUN.

I do have big plans to put up Christmas decorations next weekend, so hopefully that will be a fun thing for the kids to help me with. It’s possible it’ll just be crazy making though. I’m considering Black Friday shopping (for a very few, specific things) but we’ll see. I imagine Black Friday in Kansas City is much different (CRAZIER) than in Grand Junction. WE’LL SEE.


YOU GUYS. I forgot to blog yesterday. 8 years in and I ruined my streak. I remembered when I was laying in bed at 4:30 this morning after getting up with Lydia. No excuse, no reason, just totally forgot. I mean, I’ll go ahead and blame the kids. I think having 4 children has turned my brain completely to mush. I can’t remember anything without setting a reminder these days. (Which is bad, since I always used to juggle it all in my head and sometimes I still think I can do that. Spoiler: NO I CAN’T.)

In other news, I still have what appears to be the longest lasting cold ever. (Well, I guess 3 of the kids got over it quickly, so maybe not.) Daniel still has it too, runny nose and coughing in his sleep, and now Brian has it. Maybe we’ll all get over it in time for Thanksgiving next week? Let’s hope so.

Well, it seems my body has finally succumbed to all the germs the kids bring home from school. My nose won’t stop running, I can’t stop sneezing, my head is foggy, and despite a 2 hour nap this afternoon I could go to bed right now. 

Actually I am IN bed right now. But I’ll refrain from going to sleep for at least a couple hours, to try to avoid waking up at 3 am for the day. Anyway, THANKFULLY, tomorrow is a school day, so I have big plans to sit on the couch and watch movies with Lydia. Pretty sure nothing productive will be happening beyond feeding the children. 

Game day

Y’all! I’m blogging from some super awesome seats at Arrowhead Stadium! BYU vs Mizzou (& who knows when we’ll get home.) I didn’t want to miss posting today, but this is all you get. 

You’re out of luck on pictures- the selfie Brian didn’t want to take with me won’t upload. Maybe tomorrow! 


A boring story about a bed

I’ll spare you the (rather long & involved) backstory here, but we had a full size mattress with no bed to go with it. Just the mattress. It’s been on the floor in the basement with sheets on it (I’m willing to be “mattress on the floor” trashy but not “BARE mattress on the floor” trashy. Apparently that’s where I draw the line.) Anyway, it’s actually been used quite a bit- for company, for Kalena when we’re trying to sleep train Lydia and there is much crying, for an extra bed for “quiet time” when all the kids are home. I’ve thought several times that we should get some kind of frame for it, since that seemed like the responsible adult thing to do, but thinking that was as far as I’d gotten. 

Then this week my parents came to visit and my dad asked what I thought about getting a frame for that mattress. Obviously I thought this was a great idea. (Previous visits he’s slept on one of our couches, because apparently he thinks he’s too old for a floor bed.) And when my mom and I were at IKEA we picked out a bed frame that seemed like just what we were looking for. Plus, BONUS, no need to buy a box spring! So the next day we sent my dad and Brian to IKEA to pick up the bed. They were confounded by IKEA and the trip involved one phone call (my dad, reading product names to me, “all these words sound Scandinavian”) and multiple texts (Brian: this place is hard) but in the end they got home with all the right pieces. They got everything set up in a jiffy (and with no swearing! That I heard anyway.) And TADA! Beautiful new basement bed. 

 Except after all that? My dad decided that the couch is so comfortable that he’ll just continue sleeping there😂😂😂

But I’m pleased, because now it’s an actual BED and it looks so much nicer than it did. Also, come visit me! We don’t have a guest bedroom, but we do have a guest bed😊


This cozy coupe has been a favorite toy around here for years now, but Lydia has just recently discovered how much fun it is. But the thing is, she doesn’t actually drive it around, she just sits in it. It makes me laugh every time I find her there, just chilling her car. The best is when she has her little black purse like she’s all ready to go shopping or something.
Also, she is bad at getting OUT of it. She opens the door, but then she leans on it for balance & inevitably the whole thing tips over and falls on top of her. More than once I’ve had to rescue her from the crashed coupe. It’s pretty hilarious. (One of these days I definitely need to get a picture of that.)

More miscellany

Almost forgot to blog today! So how about a couple quick and random thoughts?

I put flannel sheets on our bed today. I love flannel sheet season.

We have no plans for Thanksgiving this year. No traveling, no company, no getting together with anyone, and I’m looking forward to it. We’ve been married 9 years and we’ve never done Thanksgiving alone. I might worry about making all that food for just the 6 of us, but Thanksgiving leftovers are THE BEST. So it’s possible I’m looking forward to that part the most.

I finished up Christmas shopping early (as I like to do) and mostly Will is getting Legos, because that’s basically all he wants/talks about/plays with. So obviously yesterday he tells Brian he doesn’t want any more Legos because he has too many already. Sooooo… I’m sure it’ll be fine. Every set he’s getting is one he specifically asked for. Also? He loves Legos. I think he was just momentarily distracted by the Target toy catalog. (He went through it pointing out all the things he “really super-duper EXTRA wanted.” Spoiler: that was everything.) But, this may be the last year that I can shop so early. These kids and their OPINIONS.

I got a new phone for my birthday. (Okay, they just happened to come out a couple days before my birthday, but whatever.) This is the first time I’ve ever had a NEW smartphone. The others I’ve had were hand-me-downs from family. I did not expect to love it as much as I do. Also? I expected it to feel huge (I just got a 6s, not a plus, but I had a 4s prior.) It doesn’t, but WHOA, now my old phone seems tiny! I…don’t know where I was going with this.

Sometimes, when the kids get out ALL the toys and we don’t clean them up I think, “Well, all the toys are already out, so how could it get any messier?” But it does. It ALWAYS DOES. How do children do this? Is it one of their super-powers?

Not that long I go a got an Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, and loved it so much that I went ahead and also got the Naked Smokey palette and you know what? Nice makeup is a GAME CHANGER. Also, as it turns out, 33 is the age at which I start thinking, “WHOA, I should not leave the house without makeup.” Now if I can just get lipstick figured out I’ll be all set. (I feel like lipstick always looks bad on me. Plus my lips are always dry. Does not help things look nice.)

My summer allergies (which were INSANE) have finally eased up which means I got to quit taking my nightly Benadryl. I figured this would help me not feel so tired throughout the day, but instead I just stay up too late because: no Benadryl to make me feel sleepy! It’s a problem. I need to be a responsible adult and start going to bed on time. (Spoiler: I probably won’t.)

Lydia at 18 months

Yeah, yeah, Lydia actually hit 18 months in August. Whatever. Anyway, her 18 month well check was interesting- she’s jumped WAY up on the growth charts. She’s 33 1/2 inches tall (90%) weighs 27 lbs 3 oz (90-95%) and her head circumference is 19 1/2 inches (>95%.) Continuing the tradition of huge heads. Anyway, if you’ll remember (or possibly I never wrote about it here) at her 2 month appointment she was TEENSY. Like, 5% for weight and height. So yeah. BIG CHANGE.

The pediatrician asked if she’s saying 10 words- No. She uses some signs, but she definitely doesn’t say 10 words. And he asked if we’re limiting pacifier use, which HA! NO. I mean, Lydia has like 3 things that comfort her: Me, her bear, and her binky. So until she’s easier to comfort I’m sure not going to remove any of those things. Also, she doesn’t suck on her binky constantly. Mostly she uses it when she’s sad or tired. (OBVIOUSLY she would not let me take it out of her mouth when I took her to get her 18 month pictures. She was sad AND tired, so I wasn’t surprised, but man she is a pain to get pictures of in a studio. (At her 6 month pictures she cried so much that in the end they put a blanket OVER ME and she sat in my lap for the pictures.))

Anyway. Sleep is still…eh. Getting better I think? Maybe? Hopefully? Surely I’ve guaranteed us a sleepless night with that. We’ve been working on a couple things, sleep-wise. For one thing, she had been going to bed with a sippy of milk and sometimes if she cried in the night we’d give her a cup of milk or water. We’ve stopped both those. It hasn’t stopped night wake ups, but they were bad habits anyway.

Beyond her comfort objects, Lydia has 3 favorite things: A tiny black purse, pictured here:


Cooking utensils, both play utensils and real ones, although the real ones are better, obviously. And last, but not least, diaper cream. Any time she’s in the vicinity of the basket where we keep diapers, wipes, and diaper cream she goes straight for it. Then she carries the tube of cream around as long as you’ll let her.

(She’s already been up once, while I was writing this! Can’t ever say sleep might be getting better!)

It’s a good thing she’s cute.

NaBloPoMo 2015

I didn’t want to announce that I was doing NaBloPoMo this year, because what better way to jinx it, right? But I also didn’t want to skip it. I’ve done it every year since I started this blog in 2008, making this my 8th year. So far I have yet to miss a day. When I told Brian I had to do it because I’d done it every year, he asked if I was going to do it every year until I die. And no, I’m guessing not, but I do intend to do it every year until I’m ready to say that I’m giving up blogging. Despite what this year’s archives might say (no posts between mid May and October!) that isn’t yet. I still want to write here, and I love having this record of day to day life. In fact, I feel like I’ve short-changed Lydia a little with my lack of posting. The three older kids all got so much of their baby-hood recorded and she didn’t. I’m hoping that this will jump-start my writing again, but I also feel like maybe I said that last year, so we’ll see. Whatever happens, I’m here for now.

Happy Halloween!

You know how sometimes you make plans and then nothing goes like you expect? That was me and Halloween this year. It all started with Will wanting to be Luke Skywalker. I thought, “that’s perfect for coordinating costumes!” Daniel and Lydia are too young to care, and Kalena agreed that Princess Leia would be a good costume. I thought maybe Brian & I would dress up too, but Brian is not big on Halloween, so even with BEST THEME EVER he opted out. I didn’t want to dress up if he wasn’t going to, but figured it was still fine- Daniel would be Darth Vader and Lydia would be Yoda.

I’m not a huge fan of the weeklong ordeal that Halloween has become (why so many events?!) but I figured we’d have 3 places the kids would be wearing the costumes:

School on Wednesday, for class parties.

Church pot-luck & trunk-or-treat on Thursday night

Trick-or-treating in our neighborhood on Saturday

Here’s how that all went. On Wednesday Kalena decided she didn’t want to be Leia at school, she wanted to wear her pioneer costume (my grandma made me a whole outfit when I dressed up as Laura Ingalls Wilder once.) Which, fine (a little annoying since I wanted her to wear the costume I bought, but whatever.) I was planning to go to the boys’ parties, both of which were in the morning and not Kalena’s since hers was in the afternoon when the other kids usually nap. Instead, I ended up with a migraine Tuesday morning and didn’t go anywhere.

On Thursday Lydia refused to nap, so while Brian took the other 3 kids to the church party I stayed home and put Lydia to bed at 6:30. Party only started at 6. (They had a good time, so I shouldn’t complain.)

And then yesterday there were more nap shenanigans. We got all the kids dressed and ready to go around 6, took some pictures, and then Brian left with the 3 older kids and Lydia was done with her costume. (Daniel only went up and down our street then Brian dropped him off and went back out with the older kids.) So, Lydia wore her Yoda costume for all of like 7 minutes, so we could get a bunch of pictures that look like this:


I need to remember that lowered expectation is the key to happiness.