Just imagine I put a clever title here 

We went out tonight and ate some delicious, delicious BBQ, and now I’m so full and tired I have no energy for anything. So! Funny Will story for you. 

The other day Will had a homework page where he had to fill in the missing numbers. (Sequential number lists with blank spaces.) He had zero problems with this, didn’t ask any questions or need any help after I read him the instructions. Then at the bottom of the page it asked if this homework had been too easy, just right, or too hard. 

Will: it was hard! 

Me: What? How was it hard? You knew all the answers!

Will: Those sixes are hard to write. 

You got me there buddy. Got me there. 

I’ve always got a story about Will

The other day I was sitting with Will at the kitchen table and he says, “Do you know one reason why someone might rob a bakery?” I’m never sure if he’s looking for me to answer or if he wants to tell me something, so I hesitated and said, “Why?” And he proceeded to tell me that people might rob a bakery to get the money, or so they didn’t have to pay for their food, or maybe just to take food from the bakery. (So you know, actual reasons. I thought maybe this was the beginning of a joke. YOU NEVER KNOW.) After he finished, he was quiet for a minute and I figured the conversation was over, and then he pipes up again with, “But the real targets are the banks.”

I burst out laughing because, WHERE DOES HE GET THIS STUFF? That’s pretty much life with Will.

Not at all suspicious

Some back story: we have a desktop computer that hasn’t been set up since we moved to Kansas. It’s Brian’s and in the past he’s used it for gaming, or in college for programming on, but each of us has a MacBook that we use as our primary computer. However! Recently Kalena has started needing a computer for homework sometimes (plus she likes to play the math & reading games on her school’s website) and Brian thought it’d be good to set up this desktop as a family computer. So yesterday he did (it took some doing- he needed to run some cables and clean it all out with canned air and get Windows put back on it because he’s always just run Linux (and if his current muttering over there is any indication he’s regretting the Windows choice.)) It’s set up in our room, where all the pieces have been sitting for months, but now it works! 

Fast forward to nap time today. Will naps in our room, because he and Daniel won’t go to sleep if they’re in the same room (for some reason this problem is limited to nap time. Bedtime is fine.) A few minutes after I sent Will to nap I had to run in to get something. While I was there we had this conversation: 

Will: Look that way!

Me: *turns expectantly wondering what he wants me to see* …what am I looking at?

Will: Aren’t you going to leave?

Me: *eyes narrow* Why, what are you doing?

Will: I’m just laying here.

Me: Yes, but what do you not want me to see?

Will: *quiet voice* I…accidentally turned on that computer. 

YOU GUYS! He moved the mouse, which he probably does EVERY DAY, but this time it actually DID SOMETHING and he was so worried he was going to get in trouble. 

I laughed because a: that’s funny and b: could he have been ANY more obvious that he’d done something he didn’t want to know?

Better work on the deception skills, William. 😉

A few more quick Will stories

I should have posted earlier today, because now it’s 10 and I’m pretty much ready to climb in bed. Fortunately for you, I remember a few more adorable Will conversations, so here you go.

The other morning Will and Kalena asked if they could have a candy. It was before breakfast, but Brian told them yes, and as they ran, excited, from the room I heard Will say, “Miss! Be sure to pick a dewicious one!”

One day a while back he was upstairs in his room, theoretically napping, but I heard him come out into the hall. I called out to him, “Will? What are you doing up there?” And he called back in his most authoritative voice, “Nothing you need to worry about.”

I’m not sure if I’ve blogged about this one before or not (sadly, he’s mostly quit saying it.) He used to periodically just bust out with, “I know a lot of things, but I don’t know everything!” Made me laugh every time.

And now, good night.

Sweet William

I wish you all could come and spend the day with Will, because he is just the CUTEST KID. He is charming and sweet and hilarious. His mannerisms make are just adorable. And we have the greatest conversations. I’m going to recap some here, but typing them out doesn’t do them justice. (Because seriously! So cute!)

The other day I got up to feed Lydia because she was crying, and although it was 4 am, when I came out in the hall I saw that Will’s light was on. I opened the door and before I could say anything he busts out with, “Um, actually it’s Lydia who is crying.” He assumed I thought someone in HIS room was crying. No kid, GO BACK TO BED.

This afternoon out of nowhere he said, “Remember when Buster Bear was lost? That was quite the adventure! He was up in the tree, then down in the lake, then upstairs in the box and then back with me!” Me: “Wait, did you say he was in a lake?” (We have found him in a tree and in a box in Kalena’s closet on occasions when he was lost. The lake thing threw me though.)

On Friday we surprised Will with getting to go see Walking With Dinosaurs Live. (Just he and Brian went. Kalena’s interest in dinosaurs has waned enough that it wouldn’t be worth the ticket.) Anyway, he was telling me about it today (again) and pipes up with, “Mom, when we went to the dinosaur show? We time traveled!” And I replied, “And there was a paleontologist like Nigel Marven, right?” And he got a very serious look on his face and said, “Mom. Nigel Marven is not a paleontologist.” This kid does NOT miss details.

He loves to pretend to be dinosaurs, particularly spinosaurus, and one day he told me, “I’m a spinosaurus waiting to ambush my prey!” *pause* “Mom, what does ambush mean?”

We’ve been working on letters (writing and recognition) in our little home preschool stuff and he had this epiphany after one session.

Will: “Mom! All the words are spelled with alphabet letters!”

Me: “That’s right, all words are spelled with letters.”

Will: “But nothing is spelled with the counting letters.”

Me: “Well, that’s because the ‘counting letters’ are actually NUMBERS.”


Often he will do something to make either Lydia or Daniel smile and then say, “Lydia really loves me” or “Daniel really loves me.” And, OH, my heart.

He is definitely getting to be a little kid, not a toddler (5 next month!) but he’s still not too big to fall asleep on the floor at church.



NaBloPoMo 2014

Apparently I haven’t posted here since August? That seems insane, but that’s what my post dates tell me. Obviously the logical thing to do is to start NaBloPoMo, right? Haven’t posted in 2 full months (the longest I’ve ever gone without posting in almost SEVEN YEARS) so why not jump into an every day commitment? Actually, I think that’s just what I need. Stop thinking and start posting. (I have a post draft in my folder from September. So the *intent* is there. Just not so great with the follow through recently.)

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if I think it’ll be good for me or not, I’ve done NaBloPoMo every year since I started this blog and I’ve NEVER MISSED A DAY. I am darn well not going to screw up that streak this year. So! Look forward to some un-inspired, rambling, or possibly just bad posts. Because quantity over quality, right?! Oh wait. Theoretically I should have lots to talk about having not documented anything for the last 2 months. Shall we start with Halloween? LETS.

Or maybe not. I just updated my mac OS and now nothing likes me anymore. And obviously I can’t post about Halloween without posting some pictures. How about a funny Will story instead?

The other day I took the 3 kids to Target while Kalena was at school. Kalena and Will sit in the back row of the car together, and normally Kalena helps Will get buckled into his seat. Apparently I’m quite accustomed to this help, because as I started to pull out of the Target parking lot Will piped up from his seat and we had this conversation:

W: “Excuse me mom?”

Me: “Yeah bud?”

W: “I hate to tell you this, buuuut…I’m not buckled.”


Maybe you have to know Will in person for that to be amusing, but it is just SO HIM. Anyway, MORE TOMORROW!

Will at home

Will won’t be 5 until December, which means he’s too young to start kindergarten this year. We considered preschool, but decided not to put him in one for a variety of reasons. (My sanity being a big one. All the drop off/pick up nap-ruining shenanigans of last year are not something I’d particularly like to repeat.) I’ll be working with him at home on preschool type stuff. He is all for this arrangement, although there’s a vast difference in what he wants to learn and what I think we ought to work on. For instance, I suggested letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and writing his name. He countered with learning about space and dinosaurs. And really, I’m not against learning about those things! It’s just, those aren’t exactly on the “kindergarten readiness” list. So! We’ll see what all gets learned this year.

Some other Will tidbits for you:

He TOTALLY regressed with the finger sucking after the Tide Pod incident. It was like he thought we couldn’t see him doing it, since HE couldn’t see anything. The habit was such a process to break, so I’m super NOT excited to do it all again. Right now we’re trying out having him wear a finger splint to remind him not to suck. Works great! Except then he takes it off. *sad trombone* (Also, this is happening right as Lydia is finding and sucking on her fingers and thumb and it’s made me VERY insistent on her taking a pacifier instead of letting her suck on her fingers. Because I already don’t want to deal with this with Will, let alone again in 4 years with Lydia. And I’m sure getting rid of a pacifier is no fun either, but I’m not currently living that hell.)

Speaking of the Tide Pod incident, he definitely learned his lesson. Yesterday I was doing some laundry and he wanted to help, so I offered to let him put a Tide Pod in the washer. I might as well have told him to stick his hand into a bucket of venomous spiders the way he backed up. He helped pour in liquid detergent instead.

This kid makes me laugh all the time. Here are some of our recent conversations:

Yesterday immediately after we put her on the bus he said, “I miss Kalena.” (We hadn’t even walked all the way back to the house yet. And you can see the bus stop from our front porch.)


Today I was eating popcorn and I got up to do something and when I sat back down I got out my phone to check my e-mail.

Will: Don’t forget your popcorn, mama!

Me: Okay bud, I won’t.

Will: (pause) It’s right beside you.

You know, in case I forgot.


A while back we had a tooth fairy fail. Kalena lost a tooth and we did not put any money under her pillow. (WHOOPS.) So the next morning I grabbed a couple quarters and gave it to her and told her that the tooth fairy put it in my room by accident. Then later that day she and Will were speculating why the tooth fairy might have done such a thing.

Kalena: Maybe I should put a sign on my door. Maybe the tooth fairy didn’t know what room the tooth was in and that’s why she put it in the wrong room!

Will: Or probably it’s because tooth fairies aren’t real!

(Kalena assured him that YES THEY ARE.)


He finally gets himself dressed these days, but is INSISTENT on wearing his clothes backward. He puts on his pants backward “so he can have pockets” he tells us. (The front pockets aren’t good enough I guess.) But who knows why he puts his shirts on backward. It’s definitely intentional. They’re backward 90% of the time.


He still loves dinosaurs, crocodiles, and reptiles of all kinds. He’s a huge lego fan (especially the Chima stuff.) He’s dirty most of the time.



He’s my guy 🙂

Conversations with Will

Will is at that awesome stage where almost everything he says is hilarious. Here’s a sampling of recent conversations.

Brian: Will, have you seen my watch? Did you put it somewhere?

Will: No. Beavers took it.

Brian: Beavers?

Will: Yes. Beavers took it and put it under the Christmas tree, so you know where it is.


Mostly if you ask him where something is and he doesn’t know, he’ll hold up a single finger and say, “Someplace tricky.” I really can’t argue with that.


Background on this one: our front door doesn’t latch very well, so unless you deadbolt it, a strong wind can blow it open. One day I came in from turning on the car to warm up and we had this conversation.

Will: Oh, it’s you! I thought it wuzza wind.

Me: Nope, just me. (Then I shut the door and didn’t lock it.)

Will: You got to wock dat, wadda you crazy?!


Background here: Will likes to watch me play Candy Crush. He doesn’t want to play, just to watch. One day he was watching me play and this happened.

Me: Well, sorry bud, I’m out of lives. I can’t play anymore.

Will: It’s okay. I’m not angry. Just disappointed.


He also often says, “You know.” in answer to questions where I decidedly do NOT know. For instance:

Me: Will, what do you want for lunch?

Will: Weeeellll, you know.


Me: Will, what do you think we should do today?

Will: Weeeellll, you know.


I pretty much want this stage to last forever.

Will at almost 4

Will is going to be four years old next month which is kind of blowing my mind. When did he get so old?! Anyway, here are some tidbits about Will.

His parrot costume at Halloween really was appropriate. He often repeats Kalena word for word, especially when they’re telling me what they’d like to do. It’s quite amusing, because he wouldn’t construct sentences like that on his own.

He still uses the “w” sound in lots of words that don’t actually have it. For instance, “I am” sounds like “why wham” when he says it. And “for reals” sounds like “four wheels” (we tease him with that one a lot.)

When he wants someone’s attention he says “Excuse me” generally followed by the person’s name, although sometimes it’s “excuse me please” instead of a name. We taught the kids a while back that if they needed to interrupt someone they should say “excuse me” instead of just butting in, but Will has taken it a step farther and uses it ALL THE TIME. (Which I love. I just find the politeness extra adorable because he’s so young.) However, he insists on saying it until whoever he’s talking to acknowledges him. This has backfired on occasion. The other day he had a friend over and the conversation went like this:

Will: Excuse me! Excuse me, Jackson! Excuse me! Excuse me, Jackson! Excuse me, Jackson! Excuse me!

Jackson (staring at Will): If I’m looking at you it means I hear you.

Over and over and over.

He still sucks his finger and seems to not be anywhere close to giving it up, although we’ve successfully gotten him to stop for several days on a few occasions. (He won’t suck on it if he’s wearing a band aid. Goes right back to it when the band aid is off.) Nasty tasting nail polish has been employed to no effect. His answer varies if you ask when he’s going to quit. Sometimes he’ll pick an age, “When I’m 7.” Sometimes just a generic, “When I’m a big boy. I’m still a little boy.” Sometimes it’s contingent on something, “When we get a dog.” So WHO KNOWS.

The dinosaur obsession is still going strong. It also includes crocodiles and sometimes extends to other reptiles and to sharks. The other day the kids were asking me to spell different words and Will’s choices were: crocodile, dinosaur, fish, super croc, and ichthyosaurus. (I didn’t even attempt the last one. I told him we could look it up.)

While he and Daniel play in the morning he usually declares Daniel to be his baby animal. What kind of animal they are varies (about every 3 minutes) but he’s the daddy and Daniel is the baby.

He likes to watch me play Candy Crush. Seriously. He’ll snuggle up next to me on the couch and say, “Will you play canny crush?” His favorite is the growing chocolate, because he likes to watch it grow.

If you say “What?” to him (and you’re not asking him to clarify, just asking a general “what?”) his response is, “Nothin’ what yo-self?” It’s the best.

And that’s Will these days.





New baby: the kids’ perspective

Here’s how the kids are handling the fact that we’ll be adding a new baby next year. They ask me a million questions. Usually the same ones. For example:

When the baby comes, will *Daniel* still be a baby? Or will he be a big kid?

How come your tummy keeps getting bigger?

Can I feel the baby kick? (So far they haven’t.)

Is the baby kicking NOW?

Will the baby come to Kansas City with us? (Not grasping the concept that the baby will be born in Kansas City.)

Can the baby sleep in MY room?? (This is Kalena’s.)

However, there are some things about which they have no questions. For instance, Kalena and Will are both SURE the baby is a girl. So sure that they constantly use “she” when discussing the baby. They use it so much that I find myself thinking of the baby as a “she” also. (I’m trying not to do that though.) Also, they both think we should name her “Beautiful Princess.” Obviously they have no boy name suggestions. I get the feeling they’re going to be disappointed in the name, whatever we choose. And don’t worry, Kalena reassures me that if this baby is a boy I can “just have another one!”

The good news is, they’re both very excited to have another sibling. And Will isn’t hoping it’ll be a dinosaur instead so that’s a step in the right direction!