Bedtime shenanigans 

A while back we switched up the kids rooms so that Daniel & Lydia are sharing a room. Now, Daniel goes to bed at 6 and Lydia does not, and this worked out REALLY WELL for about 3 days. We could take Lydia in, tell her she had to be quiet because Daniel was sleeping, and she would! But seriously, only like 3 days. Then she started crying when we put her down. Crying loud enough to wake Daniel, who would then growl at her, causing her to cry more. SUPER FUN CYCLE. This led to us going to get her when she started crying. Of course, that’s what she WANTED, so it was a pretty terrible solution. So in order to not reward the tantrums, we started getting DANIEL out when Lydia started crying. Then she could just cry and not bother him. However, Lydia just gets more and more worked up when she cries, so that was also pretty disasterous. 

ANYWAY. After many miserable nights of just letting her stay up until all hours, we came up with a new plan. First, shorted naps. We tried no naps, but then she’s a meltdown-mess by about 4 pm. Second, we bumped her bedtime back by like an hour and a half. Third, instead of trying to get her down quietly in a room where Daniel is asleep, now we move Daniel down to the guest bed in the playroom when it’s time for Lydia to go to bed. And then there’s lots of singing, and laying with her, and trying to leave by telling her I’ll be right back, and buying her one of those music-playing light-up stuffed animals. And sometimes it’s STILL a disaster, but at least not every day. Sad how low the bar is set anymore. 

Today I was letting her skip nap since last night was a mess, but clearly that backfired. 

Accidental 4 pm nap is never good. 

Sick of this

I’m so sick of being sick. About a month ago I got a cold (kids and their germs, man.) And about 2 days into that cold my ear wouldn’t pop. It continued to not pop for about a week. Even when it did, briefly, my ear felt wonky and I still couldn’t hear well. I got over the first cold, but after being well for about two days I caught another cold (SERIOUSLY WITH THE GERMS, CHILDREN.)

I had the pediatrician look at it when I went in for Daniel’s well visit, to make sure it wasn’t infected, because it had been TOO LONG. He said there was definitely fluid in it, but it wasn’t infected and to give it a week. That was Monday, so on Saturday I went to a clinic and found that YES, by this point it was infected. A prescription for antibiotics and stern instructions to take Sudafed religiously for the next 10 days and DONE.

Now. Logically I KNOW that antibiotics don’t work instantaneously. And my ear has had fluid in it for probably almost a month. But UGH, I keep thinking I’ll be completely better any second now! (Spoiler: not so far.) Anyway. I promise not to take my excellent hearing for granted in the future. Not being able to hear is driving me crazy.

Random Daniel thoughts

One thing I meant to mention in the surgery post- Daniel has no stranger danger. Everyone is a friend to him. He thinks people are the Best! Ever! Which REALLY makes surgery a lot easier, because he’s totally happy to let a nurse carry him away from me. He was smiling and laughing and waved goodbye as they walked down the hall. If they had to take him away from me screaming and crying? UGH. So. Glad it wasn’t like that!

Moving on to other subjects! Developmentally Daniel is somewhere between 18 months and 2 years old. Ish. But temperamentally? He can be VERY THREE. And if you’ve ever had a 3 year old you know how much fun (not fun) that can be. For instance, at lunch today he asked for noodles. Brian heated up noodles and Daniel pointed at them, excited. Signed “eat” and “noodles.” And then he screamed at Brian for trying to feed him said noodles. THAT’S AGE THREE. He also had a tantrum a while back because he wanted his hot dog in a bun, but also cut up in baked beans. Y’all. This kind of crap is exhausting enough when it’s a normal three year old, but Daniel STILL DOESN’T TALK. I mean, he’s getting lots better! But he’s nowhere near 3 year old communication. C90A1551

It’s a good thing he’s cute.


I mentioned that we’re having our first Thanksgiving by ourselves this year, right? Well, I’ve been thinking about what we’re going to have. Of course we’ll be having the staples: turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, rolls, and PUMPKIN PIE. But WHAT ELSE? I’d like to do some kind of sweet potato dish, but I find many of them too sweet. We’ll probably skip the cranberry sauce since none of us eat it. Maybe green bean casserole? Maybe some kind of corn casserole? It’s already so much food with the traditional stuff, but it’s Thanksgiving! The whole point is to make a giant meal entirely of carbs and eat it every day for a week, right? Right. (I mean, plus…something about being thankful. You know.)

What are YOU having? And what are you having for the rest of the day? I can’t decide if we should do big breakfast and then Thanksgiving as a late lunch, or do appetizer lunch and then have an early dinner, or what.


We had family visiting last week, including one of my brothers, who has never met Lydia. I mentioned that and he said he felt like he knows her just from my Instagram posts. I said, “well, if you feel like she’s a high-needs mama’s girl, you’ve pretty much got it.” And he said, “Yep, seems like she keeps odd hours and wants to be in close proximity all the time.” We laughed because, YEP. Accurate.

We went out to dinner one night (Red Robin: YUM) and, of course, Lydia was being a handful. I don’t remember what particular thing she did, but my brother commented, “She’s kind of a diva.” And THAT IS EXACTLY IT. 

She’s a diva.   



I love Christmas tree ornaments. LOVE them. Growing up my grandparents sent us an ornament every year and yes, I loved it. Now my mom has started the same tradition with my kids and it’s basically the BEST THING EVER. My parents are visiting this week so my mom and I went shopping tonight for this year’s ornaments. And I know you are DYING TO SEE what we picked so you’re in luck!

Darth Vader in a Santa hat for Will, tiny Alice in a bottle with a tag that says “Drink Me” for Kalena, adorable mouse sleeping in a cookie cutter for Lydia, and OF COURSE, Elmo for Daniel. (Side note: when Brian saw Lydia’s he said, “You got the wrong one, this one is sleeping” in case you were wondering how sleep is going over here 😂)

My love of ornaments is the reason we’ll never have one of those lovely, color-coordinated Christmas trees. I need my mishmash of favorite stuff. Also, pretty soon I’m going to have to talk Brian into getting a bigger tree, so I have room for them all.


Will continues to say the cutest things. Makes me laugh every day. I just want everyone to meet him in person. Anyway, here’s some of the things he amuses us with.

His kindergarten class is small, I think 15 kids, and only 4 of them are boys. Of course, of those 4 boys there are 2 named William. Our Will has recently preferred William, but was okay with either. The other William goes by Will, so our guy opted to go by William at school to avoid confusion. This “avoid confusion” thing has spilled over to home though, so now when you call him Will he’ll say: “um.” The first several times he did this I replied with “Um, what?” and he’d say “WillYUM. So we don’t get confused.” Oh man, this made me laugh. He’s eased up on the correcting, but maybe that’s because we’ve gotten better about calling him William.

He doesn’t bother using the correct names for meals, so he’ll call dinner breakfast, or vice versa. But, if he wants to make sure you know which meal he’s talking about he’ll call it “the first meal that we eat of the day” (breakfast) or “the second meal that we eat of the day” (lunch) or “the last meal that we eat of the day” (dinner, obviously.) Because, somehow this is easier than making an effort to remember that breakfast IS “the first meal that we eat of the day?” I don’t know but it’s amusing.

He likes to be precise, and makes sure everyone else is too. One morning a while back I was letting Brian know the time, and called out, “Hey Brian? It’s 7 o-clock.” And then Will called out, “Actually Brian, it’s 6:58.”

He also like to out-logic us when he can (which worries me since he’s ONLY FIVE.) One day Brian was telling him that he couldn’t play with a certain toy until he learned to take better care of it and Will said, “But dad. There’s one problem with that plan. How am I going to learn to take care of it if I can’t play with it?”

One day a couple months back he came to me very excited and said, “Mom! All words are spelled with alphabet letters! But nothing is spelled with counting letters.” …that’s because counting letters are NUMBERS

He loves to wrestle with Daniel and one day I heard him from the other room say, “I’m a crocodile! And I’ve got Daniel in a death roll!”

In this same vein, one day he was hanging on to Lydia to keep her out of…something. And when he was telling Brian about it later he said, “I was like a honey badger, NO WAIT, I was like a Komodo Dragon, wrestling a king cobra!”

Obviously his love of dinosaurs persists, so when Walking With Dinosaurs Live came to Kansas City, we got a couple tickets and Brian took Will to the show. (Background: Will loves a TV show called “Chased By Dinosaurs” in which time-traveling zoologist Nigel Marven goes back in time to seek out and learn about various dinosaurs.) Anyway, after the live show, Will was telling me all about it and we had this conversation: Will: At the dinosaurs we time travelled! Me: And there was a paleontologist like Nigel Marven, right? Will: MOM. Nigel Marven is NOT a paleontologist.

And, again with the dinosaurs, one day he told me, “Mom! I’m a spinosaurus waiting to ambush my prey! …mom? What does ambush mean?”

One day he gave Brian a sticker and said, “Dad, I want you to have this heart sticker so you can remember you love me while you’re at work.” You know, because otherwise Brian might forget.

Anyway. Funny kid. We like him.


Lydia at a year

I should go get the paper from Lydia’s 1 year visit so I could tell you all her stats, but…not happening. She’s grown quite a bit, and isn’t on the bottom of the growth charts anymore, so that’s good. She also continues to follow our tradition of giant-headed children. The nurse measured and said, “Yep! Off the chart.” She isn’t walking yet, although she CAN. I’ve seen her take steps, but mostly she’d rather just get where she wants to go, so crawling it is. And cruising, of course. She also goes up the stairs with no trouble. I don’t know about down, because we always carry her. (Which also probably plays a part in why she isn’t walking.) She does a few signs: milk, more, eat, please, and cracker. The last one makes me laugh, because it’s not a particularly easy or intuitive sign, but she LOVES crackers so when she realized that Daniel doing that sign got him crackers she jumped right on that bandwagon.

She’s in the happy screeching phase, so life is noisy. She definitely doesn’t like being in a dirty diaper (as opposed to Daniel, who cares not at all.) She’s a huge fan of Sesame Street and watches more than she should, I’m sure. Her binky and her bear are her favorite things, and she won’t sleep at all without them. Sleep. We’re still working on sleep. Naps are weird these days, because she’s transitioning? maybe? from 2 naps a day to 1. Totally depends on the day. She loves mealtimes, and will eat almost anything we give her. AND I can give her a whole plate of food and a spoon and she’ll eat it! I mean, she holds her spoon in her right hand and uses her left hand to eat, but WHATEVER. We still have to give Daniel one bite food at a time to keep him from throwing it on the floor.

She also continues to be cute.



Still sick. Still in bed. Left my room once today. I would tell you I don’t remember the last time I was this sick, except I DO remember, VIVIDLY. Kalena was a baby, it was just after New Years, I think, and Brian and I were BOTH miserably sick and it was terrible. We laid on the couches and let Kalena destroy everything because that’s all we could manage. So at least we were  sick at different times this time? Silver lining? Anyway, I’m hoping my dinner of saltines and a good night’s sleep is what I need to be better tomorrow!


Well, it took 4 days, but I’ve ended up with Brian’s sickness. So now I’m laying in bed wanting to die. And typing this on my phone because hey! Still don’t want to miss a day of posting. Cross your fingers that this is over soon.